The Texas Instruments Business Analyst calculators introduced in 1976. Business Analyst calculator is mostly used in accounting and other financial applications. But it's specifically used for financial has a high competitor especially HP 12c, they both compete directly.
In November 2005 texas instruments make two models one is BA II plus and another one is BA II Plus Professional
Texas Instruments sold BA II plus financial calculator, it provides scientific calculators and financial calculators
Financial calculators provide in the form of worksheet and inputs are in the form of a table. this kind of calculators allowed in many exams.
It is available in three case designs, based on 1989's TI-68, 1999's TI-30X IIS, and the 2013 revision of the TI-30Xa.
Also the chartered financial analyst exam.
The BA II and skilled is Associate in Nursing upgrade to the bottom model introduced in 2004 as well as many further worksheet functions.
Many companies, texas instrument itself, have released the BA II plus for mobile operating systems.
In Texas Instruments, An app on the apple store is also available mirroring the calculator's design and functionality.
This calculator is specially made for students and professionals also this calculator allows common math solutions
and difficult financial functions. It has a worksheet Mode and it provides for the amortization, depreciation
And this calculation and other information stored in a device's built-in memory.

After BA II plus, the latest current version 1.4 is released on has a total of 209 Reviews on the apple app store.
this calculator got 3.5 ratings out of 5.this BA Financial calculator is easier to use than the other financial calculator.
Cool, convenient and affordable price. This calculator is smart choices for educators and professionals etc.
It can also solve time value of money(TVM). Also, the date function to determine days between dates.
this calculator is weight about 5 pounds so all I can say is It's the best choice calculator for many cause you can surely go for it Also client's best choice
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